The following video lectures by Ron George are available to all. Click "watch" to stream the lecture immediately (you will need a fast internet connection); click "download" to store the lecture on your own computer and watch later (downloading could take several minutes or as long as an hour if you have a slow internet connection).
God's blessing all mankind in Christ (18 minutes)   Watch    Download

Three histories of Islam (24 minutes)   Watch    Download

Faith and practice in Islam (23 minutes)   Watch    Download

How Christians view Islam (23 minutes)    Watch    Download

God's way with man (18 minutes)    Watch    Download




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EEF Members can download and listen to lectures by Ron George in modular or as complete audio files.

Non members can enjoy the following taster sessions:

Kingdom of God - (In 4 Parts)

What is the Gospel? - (In 6 parts)

Qur'an - (In 6 Parts)

Identity - (In 5 Parts)

Messianic Muslims - (In 3 Parts)

Questions and Answers - (In 6 parts)