Romanian Aid Fund


RomAF was a mission that worked to support Christian ministry in Romania and other former Communist countries in E Europe, most notably Moldova. 
The mission, despite its name, did not primarily offer humanitarian aid for Romania, although as special needs arose, RomAF responded.

Always, the aim was to encourage, support and enable Romanians to work and minister as Christians within their own country.

Amongst many projects supported was work with abandoned babies, training of Church leaders and ministers, prison ministry, Christian literature, work amongst the elderly and sick, and encouragement of Christians through personal contact, interest and prayer.

There was a particular interest in Christian camp work. RomAF helped develop several Christian camp sites and run evangelistic camps, conferences and development camps for young Christian leaders in Romania and Moldova.

The Romanian Aid Fund traced its origins to the late 1960's, when a young Romanian pastor, Iosif Ton, (also spelt Joseph Tson) started studying theology in Oxford.

ParkInitially, Rev Ronald Hirst started a fund to support Iosif on his return to Communist Romania. Gradually the Romanian Aid Fund became established as a charity and broadened its scope of support. During the years of Communism, RomAF was able to send supplies to help the churches in their work and support Romanian Christians. One of RomAF’s key activities was to sponsor the translation, publishing and printing of evangelical theological literature in the Romanian language. At that time there was almost no such literature available.

The downfall of Communism in 1989 enabled RomAF to serve Romanian Christians in many more ways. Hundreds of visits by Churches and other organisations were supported as RomAF was one of the very few missions with existing contacts and experience. It's been a source of delight that a considerable number of these early visits resulted in the formation of active, independent organisations with their own specialist vision of support for Romania.

RomAF continued with its own vision of support which included not only literature work but the support of pastors, the development and training of current and future leaders and Christian camp ministry.

In the light of the recent social and political developments in Romania, the Trustees felt the time had come to refocus the mission work with a fresh vision and in 2015, RomAF became Eurasia Eduation Foundation.


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