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bestportrait400x400Ron trained as a Civil Engineer in London from 1959 –1962 working on reinforced concrete buildings. Whilst studying he became a Christian which radically altered his life and direction of work. After working with Operation Mobilisation in North Africa and Iran he returned to UK.  He took a BA in Islamic History at London University and Post grad work in Islamic education from the Institute of Education London. He currently travels speaking and lecturing on Christians / Muslims understanding each other and the latest discoveries concerning the origins of Islam.

Ron started his charity career in 1962 by joining Operation Mobilisation and married Nancy in 1964. She broke her neck 6 months later travelling through Yugoslavia and was paralysed for three months. She has only recovered partially.

Ron and Nancy worked in Iran, Pakistan, India and North Africa and always with a view to helping to reach Muslims under Communism in Soviet Central Asia. This wide scope of ministry gives him an overview of the different types of people to be found and to appreciate the main issues that face Muslim communities today. Half of all refugees are Muslim peoples. Pastored Harold Hill Evangelical Church in 1978.

Ron has a degree in Islamic History, post grad work in Islamic education and does research on contextualisation. He is the author of three books, has written over 1000  articles, taught around the world on the subject and trained many to be involved in community work. He teaches in Korea, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Moldova and other places new missionaries to the Muslim world. He has also studied at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

With imamRon founded mission work into Soviet Central Asia until the fall of communism. Then as missions changed in the region a new approach was started. It was World In Need in 1991 in order to equip overseas nationals to do their own development work. Nancy ran the Child Sponsorship programmes. He specialises in training nationals to do their own missions work.

WIN is now in over 22 countries and involved in various aid and development programmes.
Ron travels widely and has lived and worked in Iran, India, and North Africa. However he visits the fields which include, Africa, Russian states, Afghanistan, Asia and Middle East.

Ron and Nancy had one son and three grandsons living in California doing Fair Trade in the USA, they have since returned to the UK to put their chidlren through school. Another son is in business in the UK and has a delightful son called Jack.

He is passionate about business as development and getting people on the first rung of the development ladder.Sylvias Family

He believes that local churches need to support themselves but that help in creating sustainable communities is essential and is a major role for Western churches to partner in. He is commended through the assembly in Tunbridge Wells in the UK.

New work into Myanmar has been started and Burmese are being trained to reach out to SE Asia.

A new Missions college has been started in Kenya for East Africa and another in Nigeria for West Africa. A COT programme runs in the India base for training India evangelists and by teaching in Moldova some 70 Central Asians are trained to return to CA to plant churches and build the community of Christ amongst Muslims.
Ron is a visiting lecturer in churches and Colleges including  The College of Theology and Pedagogy in Moldova, Ede Missionary Bible college in Nigeria, Redeemed Bible College Lagos,
OMF Missionary College in Korea, etc. Churches also ask for teaching on Islam in order to see attitudes change and skills developed in order to reach out to local communities. Some 250 seminars in UK have been conducted.