Muslim Awareness Seminars for Churches

“Qur’an in the Light of Christ”

A unique opportunity to learn about Islam from a biblical perspective and how to relate to Muslims.

The seminar is presented by Ron and Nan George who are celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary by conducting this seminar in 50 locations
around the UK and overseas. Since first meeting in Operation Mobilisation, they have served the Lord in many countries in a variety of ways and
learned much that can be shared with the church today. 

Local churches are offered the opportunity to learn about Islam from a missionary couple who have spent decades working in Muslim countries.

Ron and Nancy George first met in 1962 on Operation Mobilisation and after getting married went on to serve the Lord in a variety of ways in many lands. It’s this experience and knowledge that they want to share with churches today.

Ron explained: “Persecution of Christians worldwide has reached record levels – and divisions between faiths have never been greater. With so much persecution due to misunderstanding and a lack of communication both in the UK and abroad, we feel it is vital to create an atmosphere of learning, humility and communication between Christians and peoples of other faiths.

“We hope that anyone who attends our seminars will leave with a far greater understanding of Muslims and God’s plans for the world.”  

The seminars will include a whole range of topics including:

  • Various attitudes to Muslims and Islam
  • Three forms of history
  • The Biblical basis of Islam: two children - Isaac and Ishmael
  • Sects and divisions within Islam
  • Sources of knowledge in Islam (usually al Fiqh)
  • Felt needs within the community
  • Incorporation within a faithful community (an ecclesia)
  • Recent historical discoveries in the origins of Islam
  • What the future holds and God's plans for the world and understanding the Gospel in the Old Testament.

The Georges are offering various seminar options that can be adapted for different church needs:

  • A one-hour presentation – ideal for a mid-week Bible study
  • Full 7-hour seminar – using two hours on a Friday evening and five hours on the Saturday.
  • Other options are also available.

Contact us if you'd like further details:

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