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Ron George - Board Member and Company Secretary   Nan George - Board Member and Ladies Speaker

Ron trained as a Civil Engineer in London 1959-1962 working on reinforced concrete buildings. Whilst studying he became a Christian and radically altered his life and direction of work by joining  Operation Mobilisation. In 1964, he married Nan George – and they worked in Iran, Pakistan, India and North Africa, always with a view to helping to reach Muslims under Communism in Soviet Central Asia.  

On returning to the UK in 1978 he pastored Harold Hill Evangelical Church and took a BA in Islamic History at London University and Post grad work in Islamic education from the Institute of Education London.  He has also studied at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.
Ron founded mission work into Soviet Central Asia until the fall of communism. As missions changed in the region a new approach was started and in 1991 he began equipping overseas nationals to do their own development work.

Over 22 countries opened up and were involved in various aid and development programmes as well as training local pastors in Muslim evangelism .Ron travels widely and has lived and worked in Iran, India, and North Africa.

Email:  ron.dgu@gmail.com
Tel: 01892 663391

  Nan was the 9th child born to a family in Fort Morgan, Colorado. After graduating in Nebraska, she went to Moody Bible College and then joined Operation Mobilisation in 1962.
She met and married Ron George in Iran in 1964 and six months later was involved in serious accident  in which she broke her neck whilst travelling through Yugoslavia. She was paralysed for three months and only partially recovered.  Undeterred, she and Ron have lived and worked in Iran, Pakistan, India, North Africa and the UK.  As part of their mission work reaching Muslims under Communism in Soviet Central Asia, Nan ran the Child Sponsorship programmes.
Over the years, Nan has been instrumental in counselling girls and more recently has been giving talks to women in Africa in personal healthcare and understanding their own bodies.
She wrote about her experiences in a  book called "Treasures in Jars of Clay" and is currently working on a new one about living in family. She and Ron have two sons, Nathan and Andrew, and three grandsons.

Email: nancy.dgu@gmail.com
RL   Andrew Gibson
Richard Lonsdale - Board Member and Chair   Dr Andrew Gibson - Board Member and Treasurer

Richard is an Administrator and Bible teacher. He has a theological degree from Bangor University and is an elder in a local community church. He started missions trips to Turkey in the 1970’s.


After finding faith as a medical student, Andrew visited mission hospitals in Iran. Four years after graduation, he helped to manage the obstetrics service in Nazareth for 11 months and returned to spend 33 years in general practice in Essex and Norfolk. Having retired to East Sussex, he is involved with church youth and retired persons’ clubs, sharing faith locally and in different UK regions with Through Faith Missions teams.

robson   June Gibson
Robson Lopes - Board Member   June Gibson - Board Member and Prayer Secretary
Robson is Pastor of the Brazilian Church in London and has worked in church planting in the UK, Portugal and Brazil.
He is also a businessman and importer, running his own hair products company and is experienced in international business operations.
  June’s first husband died in 2000 of MNDA, and she married Andrew in 2003. She trained as a secretary and worked latterly seven years as Travel Secretary for OMF in the UK. Previously trustee of a Christian Charity for 11 years, she now serves as trustee of two Christian charities, STEP Norwich as well as EEF. June has been doing UK missions with Through Faith Missions since 1995 and is on the Missions Committee for All Saints Church, Crowborough.
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Mihail Malancea - Academic Dean, DGU, Moldova   Susan Davies - Board Member
Mihail grew up in Moldova and was the son of a local pastor.  He served in the Soviet Army where he and Serghei his friend saw and met other Soviets of different nationalities and faiths.
On their return to Moldova they decided to train Gagauz Turkish speaking Moldovans to go as missionaries to Turkey. Out of these small beginnings grew the college of Theology and Pedagogy.
In 1993 it became The College of Theology and Education  preparing leaders of small groups for Bible study. The programme was initiated by the leadership of “Bethel” church from Chisinau.
1998 proved to be a significant year - and with God’s guidance and backed by the prayers of brothers and sisters, a section was established specialising in the training of missionaries to Turkic-speaking people living in the Gagauzia region of Moldova and also for students from Central Asia.
In the spring of 2013 the College of Theology and Education completed a process of reorganisation resulting in a new status as a university and a new name. The Latin name “Divitia Gratiae University” translates as “the riches of His Grace”. In the same year the faculty of Management and Foreign Languages was launched.
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Dana Kamranova - Legal Advisor