We started as Romanian Aid Fund (RomAF) 43 years ago in 1973 and today the church in Romania has come to maturity. We have therefore renamed ourselves as Eurasia Education Foundation and are focussing upon supporting the college in Moldova and the Central Asian students who attend.
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The new board has experience in Central Asia and will use their knowledge to support Muslim converts to get theological training as well as good education to serve the emerging churches in those countries. 2 Timothy 2 says that we are to teach (train) others also. Thus we work on the principle of multiplication through good teaching programmes.

Ron George travels out to Moldova and these other republics to teach Muslim Christian Relations, History, Contextual Theology, Church Planting and vital aspects of the Kingdom of God that relates to the circumstances in those lands.

In 2000 AD Ron began to teach students at the college about the history, culture and other aspects of Islam and related that to understanding Muslim thinking and how to communicate the gospel in relevant ways.

If you are in the UK we offer seminars on Islam for local churches and organisations. This covers the history, beliefs and practises as well as insights into current aspects of Islamic life. To find out more, or to book a seminar visit the Seminars page.

If you want to know more please get in touch.