Ibn Khaldun Summer School of Islamic Studies and Music Development 

After last year’s successful but small summer school the Divitia Gratiae University has decided we should hold another two-week seminar.

It will take place from June 16th to 29th 2018 in the Hope camp site at Vatici, Moldova.

The courses will be held in Russian and English and the main objective is to educate and train people with a concern for Central Asia

This year the Islamics course will focus on studies in the Qur’an. It will offer a historical perspective, and will draw upon the latest findings of specialists around the world. It will look at the content of the Qur’an and influences upon it, and it will consider ways of applying it to the witness of the church in Central Asia. The information and skills acquired will be of use to all involved or planning to be involved in a ministry within this area.

The Music course will attempt to help the development of an ethno-centric hymnology: writing texts and music, as well as developing skill in playing and knowledge of music theory. Other small seminars will be held to empower delegates in ministry.

Preference will be given to Central Asian delegates, but any and all are invited to participate –especially those who can buddy up with those from Central Asia and help cover their costs.

Contact ron.dgu@gmail.com for further details. Applications, with €25 deposit, should be submitted by May 15th 2018.